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Chiropractic for neck and schoulder pain

Causes and treatment of neck and shoulder pain with chiropractic

Neck pain is often linked with a number of other symptoms, such as upper back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, pain, tingling or sleeping sensations in the arms or hands. It can have a variety of causes such as a whiplash from a car accident, a fall, or something lifted the wrong way, but most often the cause is due to daily stress and activities.

Neck pain is caused by a combination of factors, with an issue in the movement of the joints often at its source. This leads to the muscles compensating, some becoming too tight, some weak. Massage and other treatments to relax the muscles may help temporarily, but as long as the cervical vertebrae are blocked, the problem will keep on returning.

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Frozen shoulder

There is a very strong connection between the shoulder joint and the joints in the neck and upper back. Improving the way the spine moves can often bring faster improvement to the shoulder.

Chiropractors may also treat the shoulder directly and prescribe specific exercises.

Read more about frozen shoulder here: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/frozen-shoulder

Tingling and numbness

Tingling and numbness can be a symptom of nerve impingement, joint dysfunction or significant muscle tension. It usually occurs in the arms, hands, buttocks, legs or feet.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the source of tingling / numbness and can perform specific treatments to help correct the actual cause.

Dizziness and tinnitus

In some cases, dizziness and tinnitus can occur due to problems with the way the upper neck joints move. The first vertebral joint is responsible for sending signals to the brain regarding balance. When those signals are interrupted or incorrect because of abnormal joint movement, dizziness or tinnitus can occur.

Chiropractors can examine your spine to determine if your complaint may be caused by a joint problem.

How can chiropractic help with neck pain?

Chiropractors can correct the cause of the problem by restoring motion to the neck joints, relaxing tight muscles and prescribing exercises to strengthen muscles that are too weak. The chiropractor will also help you examine your daily habits, your posture, how you work and sleep, and how your desk is set up.
All 4 aspects need to be corrected to improve in the long run:

Issues with the movement of joints, in the spine, pelvis and the rest of the skeletal system are correct through chiropractic adjustments. The number of treatments needed is determined by how severe the imbalances in your posture are, and how quick your body can improve and adapt

The chiropractor will prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the major postural muscles, this helps relieve stress on the joints

Treatments will also focus on relaxing tight muscles, exercises at home will also sometimes be recommended to further relax and loosen them

The chiropractor can also talk about your postural habits and make recommendations to reduce the stress on your muscles and joints

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