Our costs

chiropractic capelle
Initial consultation:   
  • 60€
Regular treatment
  • Adults: 60€
  • Children (<18): 35€
For adults we also propose two types of visit packages depending on your physical complaints:
  • 8 visit package – 440 € (instead of 480 €)
    • For acute cases with no pre-existing complaint
  • 12 visit package – 640 € (instead of 720 €)
    • For chronic complaints (on and off or constant pain for 3 months or longer)

Reimbursement and insurance

No deductible
Also in 2020 there is no compulsory deductible of € 385 or an even higher voluntary deductible for chiropractic! This mandatory and voluntary deductible only applies to care from the basic insurance and therefore not to care that is covered by supplementary insurance.

How many treatments will you be reimbursed in 2020?
The reimbursement for chiropractic treatment varies considerably per insurer and even per supplementary package. Find the list of insurers by clicking on the button below: