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Chiropractic treatment of arthritis and degeneration

What causes arthritis?

Arthritis, or degeneration, is a slow process that occurs over time between most joints in the body. It causes erosion of the cartilage between bones, reducing the space in between them.

This often leads to decreased movement and flexibility and can sometimes cause pain, creaking, grinding sounds. It is normal for arthritis to occur with age, but not everyone has it in the same places or to the same degree. Two people with the same amount of arthritis may not have the same amount of pain either, it varies from one individual to another.

Poor posture, accidents such as whiplash or imbalances in the body that lead to overuse on the wrong joint(s) will also accelerate the process of degeneration.

How can a chiropractor help?

A chiropractor can detect, analyze and correct imbalances in the movement of the joints in the body to optimize the way a person moves and functions. This leads to a reduction in the stress placed on the misaligned parts of the spine and the rest of the skeleton.

Chiropractic cannot remove arthritis, but it can help improve mobility, reduce stiffness and pain, and sometimes even slow down its process.

You can also read more about the types of chiropractic treatments we use in the following link. Treatments can be very gentle to accommodate all levels of pain.