Chiropractie Capelle

Located at Hollandsch Diep in Capelle a/d IJssel since 2005, Chiropractie Capelle did its debut in Rotterdam Centraal in late 1980’s.

We aim at providing excellence in chiropractic care to help you feel and function at your best, a strong and stable spine is primordial to a healthy life.

Our approach is comprehensive and effective, we have a variety of techniques at our disposal and are always researching and learning new techniques to improve our patient care. Chiropractic can be extremely gentle and allows us to care for a wide variety of conditions and individuals, from babies to the elderly.

Our Mission

To provide gentle, comprehensive chiropractic care to help you live and function at your best.

our team

The People Behind your Care

André de Voos

Andre De Voos

Founder of the Dutch Federation of Chiropractic and original founder of Chiropractie Rotterdam in 1987, Andre brings years of experience and solid patient care.

Andre is born in the Netherlands and did his study in the USA, at the Cleveland College of Chiropractic where he graduated from in 1983.

Andre is present at Chiropractic Capelle every Thursday afternoon and evening.

Martin Dechamp

Martin Dechamp

Sports enthusiast and avid learner, Martin has traveled through a few places around the globe to bring you all around solid chiropractic care.

Born in France, Martin did his chiropractic studies in New Zealand then worked his way back to Europe after working in Singapore. His time is divided in between climbing and bouldering, powerlifting, yoga and of course, taking care of our great patients in Chiropractie Capelle.


Miep Wijsman

Top star chiropractic assistant and receptionist, Miep has been supporting the chiropractie Capelle team since its beginnings in 2006.